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Why AREN’T you teaching online?!

Taking the first swing at online learning

“One cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” | Andre Gide

Jump in, the water feels great

It’s no secret that the modern school way of brick and mortar teaching is quickly moving to an online presence. We are starting to find newer ways to interact with students on the web. With technology getting ‘smarter and smarter’, it’s now easier than ever for an educator to get plugged in. Now is your chance to make the jump and connect with students locally and globally.

We all can agree that face-to-face learning has its undeniable benefits. I know my students would get much more value out of an in-person lesson, more so than a one-time online Skype session. With that being said; however, students can only retain so much information from a 30-minute lesson that may only meet once a week.

The power of the internet has allowed online learning services such Udemy and TakeLessons.com grow quickly, educating thousands of users each week. By offering complete online courses ranging from software development and coding to drum and dance lessons, online academies are able to offer classes or lessons at an affordable price with flexible scheduling.

So what does this mean for small studio business owners and lesson instructors? Opportunity. Depending on how well you execute, you just might be able to grow an online platform that’s beneficial for both you and your students.

Engage. Impact. Grow.

Just think, offering your student’s weekly videos reviewing fundamentals, warm-ups, or exercises, can be a great way to reinforce proper technique and better practice habits in between each lesson. With the mobile device slowly phasing out the TV, you’re now able to create content for students that’s easily accessible. Students can access your created content from anywhere in the world using their personal devices.

Share files on the web, such as handouts or forms. Cloud-based drives such as G-Suite and Dropbox makes saving and sharing information efficient and available at any time of day. We know kids lose papers! Save a tree while you’re at it.

Connect with students on a whole new level. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have people’s attention from all demographics. YouTube itself offers over millions of educational and instructional videos, all obtainable within a few clicks. Why would’t you take advantage of these sources? Think about the amount of opportunities to engage with students, impact learning, and grow your business.

What are you waiting for?

As Napoleon Hill put it, “Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” With the current technology we hold in our hands today, we are able to touch more lives through quality and in-depth relationships, all in an online presence. Why pass it up?

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