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Where can I view my instructor’s session remarks?

Student/Parent Step-by-Step Guide

Parent: “Hey kiddo, how’d your lesson go? What did you learn?
Student: “Good.”
Parent: “So… what did you learn? What do you need to work on?”
Student: *crickets*

If you’ve had more than one conversation like this before, then you’re going to love our remarks feature. Feedback is essential growth! Your instructor probably has a lot to say each week during and after lessons. We’ve made a simple way for them to leave a few remarks for you or your student over how the lesson went and what exactly to work on.

There are two ways to locate these remarks. Let’s check them out!

Accessing session remarks from your courses

  1. Login to OMNIS

  2. Select the red book icon to view courses

  3. Select [View] next to the course you’re involved in

  4. Select one of the post-it note icons under the remarks section to view

Accessing session remarks from your schedule

  1. Login to OMNIS

  2. Select the orange calendar icon to view courses

  3. Filter the date range to locate the session you’re looking for

  4. Select the post-it note icon next to given session to view instructor’s remarks


If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to send a message to us at support@omnismanagement.com. We hope you find our program simple and safe to use. We look forward to serving you! Happy learning :)

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