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What is the public discussion feature used for?

Student/Parent Step-by-Step Guide

Sharing ideas and experiences leads to learning. We’ve all been in situations where we have learned from others by simply listening to their past failures and successes. It’s vital for classrooms to become responsive… on and off the web!

To help build better online communication skills and internet etiquette, we’ve developed a platform that allows students to share and communicate ideas amongst their peers. Let’s discuss how you can implement our public discussion feature.

Like a university or college eLearning platform, OMNIS was designed to connect distance learners. While most students have their lessons in person, why not connect those that are taking from the same teacher through an online resource? It’s the idea of blended learning, taking what you do in lessons and at home, and sharing it amongst others.

In addition to communicating ideas, you can attach files and share videos of pieces or assignments you are working on. This gives you the opportunity to get direct feedback from those who are in the same learning hub as you. Feedback is essential to growth!


If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to send a message to us at support@omnismanagement.com. We hope you find our program simple and safe to use. We look forward to serving you! Happy learning :)

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