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Marking a Session Completed: Adding Attendance & Remarks

Instructor Step-by-Step Guide

We've done our best to make marking attendance and lessons complete easy for our instructors. This allows you to track your students attendance records and remarks given over the school year. View the following steps below to mark lessons or classes completed and update attendance.

  1. Login to OMNIS

  2. Visit the [Schedule] page (Orange calendar icon)

  3. Locate the session you'd like to complete and add attendance

  4. Mark session as [Completed]

  5. Mark student(s) as Present or Absent

  6. Leave any Remarks or notes about how the session went or what to work on for the next week. Students and parents can review these given remarks.

  7. Select [Update]

QUICK TIP: We recommend using the filter bar to quickly search sessions. You can also select the small calendar icon in the top right hand corner to view your schedule as a calendar.

To learn more about viewing attendance and session remarks, click here or visit our Viewing Attendance & Session Remarks guide.


If you’re still having trouble or needing immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to send a message to us at support@omnismanagement.com. We hope you find our program simple and safe to use. We look forward to serving you!

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