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Invoicing your Clients

Creating, submitting, and following up

If you’re anything like me, you might hate sending out invoices to parents and schools each month. It’s probably the single most unenjoyable part about what I do, but a complete necessity. I have to get paid. Getting organized can be quite the struggles, so here are some ideas to help you manage your billing and (hopefully) get paid faster!

Step 1: Creating

With schools having different lesson pricing or students being on scholarships/financial assistance, keeping up with the constant changes can be quite the headache. Trying to input ALL of my lesson pricing into a Quickbook type invoicing system gets pretty tedious. I’ve just kept it simple by using Google Spreadsheets.

Now before you judge my simplicity, I’ve actually changed my method of invoicing lesson students since the creation of theOmnisApp, my online teaching management tool. If you’re a lesson teacher and wanting to save time each month with invoicing, scheduling, and more, be sure to check out our software tool! Try a 40-day trial and see if it’s fit for your lesson studio.

For the band programs I teach at, I usually send invoices out by the end of each month, expecting payment sometime in the following month. I use one of Google’s invoicing templates, with some minor tweaks. Here’s what mine usually look like for the techwork and masterclasses that I teach. I’ve also included a sample lesson invoice for those who are stuck in their spreadsheet ways 😉 Feel free to copy away!

Sample Contract Invoice for Schools/Organizations:

Link to sample invoice: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WOSIcqL5nuqXVs7JfmQ5X4FE8EqrIPB1y4xXL7jwI1Q/edit?usp=sharing

Sample Lesson Invoice for Clients:

Link to sample lesson invoice:


How to Copy/Download: