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How can I ask my instructor questions outside of lessons?

Student/Parent Step-by-Step Guide

Ever been in the middle of practice session and just not understanding certain passage? Or really just needing some advice from your instructor? Try using our Q&A portal within each course you’re involved in. For students, it’s simple to ask a question and expect an answer shortly after from your instructor.

For parents, it creates a safe and secured method for students to communicate with their instructors individually. Our one-way portal can only be initiated by the student, leaving instructors the option to only respond back to questions. Not only is this a safer option, but a more concise and organized way to store asked and answered information.

Asking questions through Q&A portals

  1. Login to OMNIS

  2. Visit your courses (red book icon)

  3. Select [View] next to the course you’re taking

  4. Select the callout icon under the Q&A section next to the session you have a question over.

  5. Type your question in the provided text box

  6. Click [Submit] when you’re ready to send

Be sure to keep an eye out for a response from your instructor! You can find those alerts in the top right menu header of your account.

If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to send a message to us at support@omnismanagement.com. We hope you find our program simple and safe to use. We look forward to serving you! Happy learning :)

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